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Bali Translator was pioneered since 2004 as one of the very first Sworn and Authorized Translator in Bali. As a very popular tourism area, Bali need a means of communication that connect people in a various languages and cultures.

Bali Translator handles Legal and Formal Document Translation from Indonesian to other languages and vice versa. We also handle Document Legalization in Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Law and Human Rights, and Embassies in Indonesia.

We also help client for  the checking of translation result, Type setting and editing. Also we provide interpreter for session in the court room, assisting Foreign Delegation in Indonesia, for meeting assistance, presentation, Tourism, etc.

We also help you in Legal Document Handling for personal purpose, or for business in Indonesia, such as  Stay Permit Visa, Company Legality, working visa, etc.Bali Translator promise you Professional, Confidential, and Fast services. Client can submit the document in every form and receive the result in every form that the client wish. We have experienced sworn and authorized Translator, and other translator which academically certified to ensure the best result in translation.

Sworn and Authorized Translator is a person who passed a Qualified Translator Examination and administered an oath in front of Authorized Officer in Indonesian Government.

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